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Ethos Wear Apparel T-shirts are Available for Women, Men and Kids. Starting at Only $19.99!

St Catrick’s Day

Happy-St-Catricks-Day-St-Patricks-Day-Womens-Green-Tshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon

Magically Dablicious Dab Leprechaun

Magically-Dablicious-St-Patricks-Day-Dab-Leprechaun-Kids-Black-tshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon

1968 Don’t Hate Me 50th Birthday T-shirts

I-make-fifty-looks-so-good-1968-womens-birthday-gift-tshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon

Blue Wave 2018, Vote Blue

Blue-Wave-2018-Vote-Blue-Midterm-Election-Blue-Democrat-Sweatshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon

Lion Low Poly Art T-shirt

Lion-low-poly-polygon-mens-black-tshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon


Not-my-president-anti-trump-womens-royal-blue-tshirt | Ethos Wear Amazon

Ethos Wear Amazon

As of October 2016, Ethos Wear became an Approved Amazon Merch vendor. We’re really happy and consider this a huge opportunity to grow our business. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is based in Seattle, Washington. They own individual websites, software development and customer service centers in many locations around the world.

Customers can purchase our unique t-shirt designs by visiting Ethos Wear Amazon. We sell Tees for Women, Men and Kids. Most shirts start at Only $19.99. Purchasing on Amazon has special perks like Prime Two-Day shipping. Also, Amazon provides Great Customer Service, Cool Products and Secure checkout. If you don’t like your item, just return it no questions asked.

Keep checking back from time to time. We’ll continue to add new items weekly.

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Jay – Ethoswear Apparel