Charity T-shirts

Charity Donation T-Shirts

We Believe in Donating. Please Check Out Ethoswear Charity Designs.

We believe it’s important to give back to the Community and help people who are sick or are in need of help. Teespring Charities option gives us the perfect opportunity to Donate to Verified Charities by selling our T-shirts designs.

How it works: Visit Ethos Wear Donation Campaigns. Find a T-shirt you like and purchase it. After the Campaign ends and you pay, Teespring will automatically deduct the donation amount from our proceeds. Teespring will then Process, Print and Ship your item(s). If you have any issues, please contact Customer Service at (855) 833-7774 or email

Thank you for supporting EthosWear Donation Campaigns.

75% of Proceeds will be Donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
50% of Proceeds will be Donated to the ACLU
50% of Proceeds will be Donated to Human Rights Watch
50% of Proceeds will be Donated to NAACP
50% of Proceeds will be Donated to Americans For Immigrant Justice
We will continue to add more Charity T-shirts.