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The Big Blue Wave Midterm Election 2018 is building. Democratic Patriots are motivated to vote in record numbers in 2018 Midterm Elections. During the 2016 Elections, Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote to Donald Trump in Election 2016. However, HRC won the Popular Vote by 3 Million people. Nearly 117 Million voters didn’t show up to the polls and exercise their right to vote. We can’t let this happen again.

Fast forward to 2018. Americans have seen a year of “President” Donald Trump’s crimes, stupidity, anti-immigrant hate, lying and racism. Donald’s 30% base includes “christian” conservatives, Nazis, KKK, Alt-Right, WS and WN. He thinks they are very nice people. Trump promised to drain the swamp, but we know Trump lied. The swamp got filled with corrupt billionaires that seek only to make themselves richer. His only achievement is the GOP Tax Scam for the Rich. Trump rewarded his biggest donors, Corporations, with this Tax Scam while adding 1+ Trillion to the US deficit.

The Anti-Trump movement started the day after Trump’s Inauguration with the Women’s March. Let’s take that March movement and other protests and use it to protect Democracy. Get Involved, Register, Volunteer, Vote Democrat and Take Back the House in 2018. Make America Greater than it was before Donald Trump and Russian hackers hijacked the White House.

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