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Check Out Anna25art – Level 2 Fiverr T-shirt Design Seller


Blog. Ethos Wear Apparel has been purchasing designs from Anna25art (Anna) for nearly a year.  She is always Professional, Courteous, Friendly and is a Super t-shirt designer. She always delivers on or before the deadline promised and completes the work as expected.

We currently have approximately 15 designs she’s created for us, including the: They Call Me Nana t-shirt design you see pictured to the left. Because of our great working relationship, I volunteered to add her Fiverr account to my blog. She has GREAT designs at Very Reasonable Prices.


Please take the time to CONTACT HER for your tee shirt design needs.  Thank You!


The Smart Lad – Just a Geek At Heart — 10-23-16

Get all the outdoor equipment and read exclusive outdoor kit reviews at The Smart Lad .

They have a Great Blogging Site that includes:

  • Climbing Equipment
  • Tree Climbing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Ice Climbing

Feel free to follow them on Twitter, like we do, via @ASmartLad

Please contact Shawn directly with any questions. Thank you.

Blog: Why We Love T-Shirts (And You Should, Too!)


Did you know that t-shirts are the most commonly purchased clothing item by consumers from all around the world? The reason behind this trend isn’t just because we need something to cover bodies with, but because most people like everything that the traditional t-shirt has to offer them! Not only is this piece of clothing usually looser and more comfortable than the common sweatshirt or button up, they’re also much more affordable. The traditional t-shirt has really become a cultural item that every household loves and will usually stock up on. Why? Simply said, T-Shirts are Awesome!

Plain, Slogan and Custom design T-shirts – get worn by millions of people each day for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons why people everywhere love a good t-shirt!

T-Shirts Match Most Outfits – One great thing about t-shirts is that you can find them in any color and with a multitude of different logos, shapes, or  cool designs. With literally hundreds of millions of different t-shirts out there, you’re guaranteed to find one that can go with any outfit inside your closet.

Variety – There’s no question that everyone needs a few t-shirts in their wardrobe. T-shirts come in a wide variety of styles so you can change up your look when you feel like it. You can find a variety of t-shirts that have a crew neck cut, scoop neck or one with a deep v-neck.

Self Empowerment or Promotion – For several decades, people have used t-shirts as a way to speak their mind. They’ve also used them to show off their favorite sports team or display their support for a particular cause. Almost everyone we walk or run past will see our t-shirt and this is a great way to empower ourselves, our cause or for product promotion.

Made From a Variety of Different Fabrics – While other pieces of clothing are usually made from the same type of fabric or material, t-shirts are not. They’re available in almost every type of fabric you can find including Cotton and Rayon blends. It’s also another reason why we all have so many different t-shirts in our closet. It’s a good idea to keep a good variety of tees you can wear for different events!

T-Shirts Are Completely Customizable – Unlike most of the other pieces of clothing we wear, t-shirts can be fully customized. If desired, you can design your own t-shirt with the ability to choose every single option from the fabric and colors, to the logo, shapes, or designs on each side!

In Closing

Although everyone has different reasons for wearing t-shirts, we believe that traditional t-shirts are better than most other kinds of other tops available online and in stores. Think about it. What other kind of top will keep you comfortable in a variety of different temperatures and be appropriate to wear to almost any event? Whether you want to show support for your favorite sports team, show off the logo of your business or if you just enjoy being relaxed and comfortable, remember that you can always rely on the t-shirt for getting the job done!